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Make the most of M365 Security

Microsoft M365 has a range of security capabilities to protect your business services, identity and data - and best of all, many of the features are most likely part of your existing subscription.

Phishing is the leading source of initial compromise of a business. M365 phishing protection leverages a number of data points and components to identify and neutralise phishing email threats including protection against unsafe links and attachments.

Conditional Access is a powerful component that helps enforce 'zero trust' model concepts, but can be applied in so many different ways through customisable policies and additional context in order to protect your business assets, data, identities and applications.

Identity is a critical component in protecting an environment and underpins the 'zero trust' model; robust identity, coupled with context and continual verification. Azure Active Directory in conjunction with other components such as Conditional Access, RBAC and JIT ensure that trusted identities are enforced, verified and not compromised. Identity protection also extends to impersonation attempt detection.

Cloud application protection extends to Microsoft and other third party cloud-based applications providing access, data protection, session and activity protection. This ensure that users are using only sanctioned cloud apps, and only for authorised data access.

Data Protection capabilities enabled through Ms Purview gives you the ability to identify your sensitive data, label it, apply protective business policies, such as encryption or blocking, and to detect and prevent its loss whether through mistakes, oversharing or or theft.

The combination of these components, in addition to some other we will cove rin later articles provides assurance and real-world protection from by cyber and insider threats (whether malicious or inadvertent).

Just as importantly, it allows users to access the data they need, from the apps they need, from the devices they have from wherever they need to in order to produce business results . . . securely.

Please reach out to our team of experienced M365 practitioners to make the most of your M365 to power your business securely.

Small Robot can help maximise the benefits and security value out of your M365 investment.


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