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Protect your data with Microsoft Purview (AIP/DLP)

Identifying and protecting your customer and business data is paramount; this is the data that drives your business success. Sensitive data can cover a wide range of data: customer personally identifiable information, credit/cardholder data, business intellectual property, financials and cost pricing, strategic initiatives and merger and acquisition data are all samples.

This data is exactly what cyber criminals and nation states are attempting to access, steal, tamper with or destroy. This, and ransomware, is the basis of their income - selling this data on the dark web. For nation states, this is how they undercut, copy or 'pull the rug out' from underneath your business.

If you have not identified your data that matters, if you are not protecting, and detecting when it is accessed or shared, then you are at great risk of becoming the next victim of compromise/data theft. This can have a catastrophic impact on your business including fines (of up to $320k/incident), reputation/brand damage and even jail time for senior management.

Similar impacts are also possible through the far more common method of data loss through employees inadvertently sharing, misconfigured cloud storage or inappropriate access levels.

It is essential to identify and secure your sensitive data.

Microsoft M365 licencing often comes with a range of capabilities that can be leveraged to identify, detect, protect and securely share your sensitive company and customer data.

However, most organisations are not using this effectively, or even at all, despite having paid for the licence for it. Small Robot can assist by making the most of what you have with your M365 subscription to make sure you are not the next data breach cover story.

Not sure where to start?

Small Robot are data protection professionals whom can help you on the journey to securing your data. We leverage key technology to identify, tag, watch, detect, protect and encrypt data - whether it is on a server, on a pc, on a mobile device or in the cloud, as well as when it is being transmitted.


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