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Make the most of your data with Splunk

We live in a data driven world. The more value you can derive from your data the better your chance of success; whether business data for growth, IT/OT/IoT data for uptime/performance, or security data to detect & respond to threats.

With the emergence of new markets, new technologies and the evolution of cyber threats it is more important than ever to bring these sources all together for a 'whole of business' view - because a business issue may actually be a cyber threat underneath an IT event.

Splunk is the premier platform, and our highly recommended choice, to bring all of your data together in a simple to use, highly advanced and rapid time to results analytics, integration & automation platform.

The benefits of a properly set up and integrated Splunk solution extend beyond just cool dashboards and reports, you can realise benefits such as:

- Consistent and easy to use data across all business units (same data language)

- Respond to challenges as one-company (not each BU in isolation)

- Gain 'whole of business' insights that you would never normally see

- Make smarter and faster business, IT, and security decisions, informed by actual data

- Manage and control access to data simply and easily

- Assess, drive and prove compliance

- integrate key systems such as ticketing, access, security controls

- automate the known, repeatable and mandatory tasks, workflows and processes

We haven't even touched on the behavioural and ML/AI based analytics and what they can bring . . . but that is for another day (or you can reach out to us to go through what this is how your business may benefit).

You can read more at: www,

Splunk powered by Small Robot to better enable your business to meet the future head on . . . . securely”


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