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What is a strong password ?

Many people are confused about what a strong password means and what it is.

A strong password is one that is not easy for a human, or a computer to guess or work out.

Choosing a strong password is as simple as this:

  1. Choose a series of three or four words that are unrelated to each other, four characters or more long,

  2. Add some capitals,

  3. Add a number or two, and

  4. Add a special character (like $ or &@# )

Here are some samples (but don’t use these 😬):





Don't use a password more than once - if someone does get it, at least they only get access to one thing not everything.

Have some fun with your passwords, make them hard to guess.

Best idea of all🥇 - Use a Password Manager to create and store your Strong Passwords.

These are easy once you get the hang of them - you remember only one password, they remember all the rest for you!

Good ones (and free) are:

Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password or similar

Disclaimer - we are not affiliated with any of the above in any way, and provide those only as an example.


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