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Who is watching your security?

It is common for businesses to have AV and firewalls, maybe even some more advanced security, but who is watching those events?

Do you know if your AV is up to date on your devices?

Would you know if an attack was taking place, and if it was successful?

Would you know if you have already been compromised and someone is inside your organisation watching, stealing right now?

Are you feeling uncomfortable with some or all of your answers?

You are not alone, which is why we have started this business. You are in the business you are in because that is your passion and focus, not cyber threats and security.

Cyber security is our business - it is what we know and our business is securing your business.

We know what it is like out there - the threats, the actors/hackers and their motivations, the tools they use, the vulnerabilities they exploit, what they are after and where to find the 'footprints'.

We know this because this is what we do best - just like your you know your business and do it best.

Not only do we offer cyber security consulting services and data protection, we also provide services to monitor your security and identify the attacks. We use state of the art solutions such as Darktrace, as well as any existing capability that you have, to detect the tiniest of indicators of attack or compromise.

Our experienced team know which events matter, and can identify them quickly and either negate them instantly, or work with your team to head off the threat before it becomes a reality or impacts your business.

Talk to us today so that next time you are asked those questions you can answer confidently - Small Robot are watching my security so I don't have to.


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