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Image by Bram Naus
Image by Bram Naus

Personal Security

Cyber security is a shared responsibility.

Here are some things you can do to be more Cyber-Secure.

Small Robot Security team recommends:

Keep your software up to date

Hackers/criminals love out of date software, It is so easy to hack.  So keep your phone, computer and apps up to date to take away this option.

And never jailbreak your phone.

Check an email and links before clicking

If you receive an unexpected email, or if something looks to good to be true, be safe - don't open it or click on the links, just delete it. These emails often pretend to be bills, warnings or package deliveries.

Are my accounts already leaked ?

There is an excellent website, created by Try Hunt that you can check to see if your accounts have been involved in a data breach.

The website is:

If any of your accounts appear, it is best to change the password and activate 2FA (article above) 

Use a password manager

Every password you use should be unique and not easy to guess. This is hard to manage.  Use a password manager to do it for you.  They are often free too.

Google:  Password Manager

Avoid pirated

While it seems free, there is always a cost - often this cost is the hidden malicious software that is used to gain access to your computer and files - often without your knowledge.

Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

This is like having to have a key and a password to access your front door.  Use it for your accounts that matter most.

Google:  2FA

Be safe rather than sorry

If in doubt, if unsure, if scared or suspicious, then be safe, be smart and don't click the link or open the email/attachment, just delete it. And NEVER plug in the USB device you just found.

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