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Secure your SMB from Cyber Threats

Whether you are a sole trader or an SMB we have you covered.
We secure your business from cyber threats.
We monitor your business to keep it secure.
We provide cyber insurance for peace of mind.

Best of all - our solutions are priced for SMB.
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We stop the threats.

We secure your business. We take full advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft 365 and existing IT.


We detect active threats.

Cutting edge threat intelligence stops attacks.

Protection extends to all of your devices ensuring your business is secure, wherever you are.


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We respond at machine speed

Our advanced analytics & automation system monitors your business 24*7 responding at machine speed.


Cyber Security you can trust

Secure Identity & Access

Secure Internet

Secured Data

Managed & Monitored
Secure Network

Cyber Security Monitoring & Response

Cyber Insurance

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