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Credentials, Achievements & Strategic Partners

We have achieved many things over our 10+ years of enterprise-level security and the following is a small sample.
Never resting on the past, we are constantly researching, developng and learning.



Sample Achievements

Siem/Soar Implementation

Government Dept.

security assessment

Data Protection

Microsoft 365 Security

Threat analysis conducted to inform the detections and data required.

Critical assets, users and use threat scenario analytics were developed and implemented. SIEM & SOAR (Splunk) was developed, functional and effective within the tight timeframe with quality/high fidelity alerts.

Full visibility of the environment was provided along with alert context for analysts to either take a manual action or via the integrated SOAR playbooks.

security assessment

Large Bank

A 6-week vulnerability management & SOC assessment was undertaken resulting in an executive and technical-level report that identified key risks and themes.  The report also provided quick wins and longer-term maturity recommendations, with roadmaps, to improve the security posture, detections and response capability.

The report was very well received by senior executives and today still informs their cyber security strategy.

Data Protection

Large bank

The existing Data Loss Prevention system rules were assessed along with the business requirements for classifying and protecting data, from a functional and policy point of view. 

The solution was designed, developed and implemented with business rules applied to protect sensitive documents.

Users were provided with a method to securely share data, which automatically protected sensitive data and generated alerts on risky or unusual behaviour.

Microsoft 365 Security

SMB Application Developer

An application development company with national clients required improved security protection to meet their client’s security requirements. The solution needed to be scalable.

The team leveraged the client’s Microsoft 365 subscription rather than introduce new technologies and costs as this met the identified requirements in the assessment process.

The solution was developed and implemented rapidly. With the knowledge transfer enabling the IT lead to manage the solution ongoing.

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