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Virtual Security Team

Small Robot is your 'go-to' virtual cyber security team.
We take the time to learn about your business and work with you on the path to cyber security resilience and maturity.

'It is like having a full-time team, but only when you need it.'

Virtual Security Team

Virtual CISO as a Service:  Aligning security strategy and roadmap with business goals.

Virtual Security Architect as a Service: Working with your team to deliver solutions securely

Virtual Security Engineer as a Service: Implementing security capability from SOC to Cloud

Cyber Security Assessments

Cyber Threat Assessment - A real world view of your security preparedness.

Cyber Threat Analysis - Identifying evidence of comprise and/or insider threat.

Data Breach Analysis - when it goes wrong identification of how much and how bad.

Cyber Security Solutions & Engineering

From providing extra 'oomph' to your security team, or designing, implementing and operating new security solutions end-to-end, we have you covered.

Detection & Response engineering - SOC enablement and modernisation with analytics/SOAR

Security Capability/Solution engineering - better, faster detection, reponse & protection 

Data & Privacy Protection

Your data is valuable and is the primary target for cyber criminals and hackers. We offer end-to-end services to detect & protect your business from data loss.

Critical/Sensitive Data Identification - identifying what matters most 

Data Protection - detecting & protecting loss of what matter most; DLP, Encryption.

Secure Sharing - sharing data is a requirement, doing it securely is essential.

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