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Cyber Security and threat protection are important - protecting our planet is critical.

We believe it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that we protect the planet for future generations and to preserve the wonders of nature.

Reducing carbon emissions, reducing material waste, reducing energy waste and developing sustainable planet/people friendly solutions are our guiding principles.

We practice this, we develop with this in mind, and we promote this for the good of the planet.

After all, it is the only one we have.

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

Cloud over physical

We are a secure-cloud based company by design to ensure we minimise our CO2 emissions and waste footprint.

Cloud based computing enables us to use only the compute/power we need and only when we need it.

We do not run servers, server rooms or physical locations - reducing both emissions and physical waste.

We leverage shared data centres and cloud services that are built to be eco-friendly.

Leveraging cloud services allows for minimised, simplified, secure software based solutions rather than traditional hardware based large CO2 footprint

Working Outside

Flexible Work Locations

Our business is based upon flexible work locations whereby an employee can work securely from home, a café, or a shared meeting facility or wherever else they prefer.

This reduces the need for an office and all of the emissions and overhead that come with them:

- no need for 247 large area-commercial level power, lighting or heating/cooling

- no need for commuting

This approach also supports people and smaller business through the 'live local' concept

Laptop On Tray

Reduced Devices

Reducing the number of devices contributes to reducing both emissions and waste footprint.  We allow our employees to choose their device and to use it for both home and work purposes - halving the number of devices in use, and also allowing our team members to work with the tools that they want.

We leverage cloud, strong identity & authentication while protecting the application and the data to ensure that our solutions are not only easy to use and more eco-friendly, but also that they are secure.

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